How to apply for the GitHub Student Developer Pack?

You can get ahead in your career and access the best developer tools used in the industry, for free, with the GitHub Student Developer Pack (the Pack). The Pack is open to every student 13 years or older in a degree-granting program, and they are committed to helping every student — no matter where you are

Most students apply for the Pack using their school-issued email address. However, students whose schools don’t provide email addresses are able to apply for the Pack using their dated student ID.

How to apply for the GitHub Student Developer Pack

  1. Visit GitHub Education and click Get benefits in the top-right corner.

    • Then click on Get Pack

GitHub Student Developer Pack

  • And login with Your Git hub Account


2. Under “Which best describes your academic status?”, select Student.

academic status

3. Then, complete one of the following:

  • If you have a school-issued email, select (or add it).

Select Email

  • If you don’t have a school-issued email, follow the prompts to fill out additional information. You’re still eligible even if you only have a personal Gmail address, as long as you can provide alternative documentation to verify your current student status.




4.The next step is to add your college name.

College Name

5.The last step is to describe the purpose of how do you plan to use GitHub.


6.Verify your application details, and click on “Submit your Information”.

Submit Details


Approximately two weeks after submission of the application.


Common Questions

1. My school does not provide student emails or IDs. What can I submit to prove that I’m a student?

GitHub will consider any documentation you provide. If they cannot accept your uploaded proof on your first attempt, you will receive an email asking you to submit supplementary information.

2. My application wasn’t accepted. What should I do?

You may need to provide additional documentation before they can approve your application. A common problem is that the uploaded proof was undated, or the photo was too blurry. Regardless of the reason, they will try to provide context so that your next application has a greater chance of success.

Rejection Mail

If You have any doubt feel free to contact me.

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